Catch and release

You are welcome to keep or release any fish you catch. You may only wish to take home enough for dinner. It’s completely up to you. We do, however, strictly adhere to the NT Fisheries possession limits, so once we’ve hit the per-head quota, you’ve got to let them go.

Fillet, clean, and bag

Any fish you wish to keep, we will process onboard and keep in an ice slurry. Once we are back on dry land, we’ll fillet, clean and bag your catch for you to take home. We do this after we are back so we don’t waste precious fishing time.

Prepare for airline flight

If you are flying interstate, we will fillet, clean, bag and freeze your catch in our deep freezers. We then pack it into an airline approved seafood box suitable as check-in baggage. Contact us to find out more.

Take to a restaurant for a chef to cook

There are a number of restaurants in Darwin that will cook your catch. The talented Chefs at Oka Tepanyaki do a tremendous job and will serve you catch 3 or 4 different ways along with side dishes. See some of these incredible seafood meals our guests have enjoyed.