NT Fishing Info

The Northern Territory is renowned for its sport fishing, quality seafood and beautiful scenery. From sightcasting Barramundi to jigging for Macs, some great fishing experiences can be had within a stone’s throw of the Darwin CBD.

Within Darwin Harbour there are reefs and wrecks holding species such as Golden Snapper and Jewfish but also tributaries worth flicking for Barra. If the weather permits, other possibilities include dropping baits at Charles Point, casting chromies for Queenies at East Point, livies for Barra at Shoal Bay, trolling for Tuna at Lee Point, or jigging for Macs at the Vernon Islands.

There are many opportunities and experiences on offer and it is easy to get carried away and forget the basics of safety. The following links will assist in your preparation for you fishing trip and ensure a safe and headache free day on the water.

Darwin tides can shift up to 8 metres in just a few hours. These massive movements of water result in exposed sand bars, hazardous rock bars and dry boat ramps. Be sure to check the tides before hitting the water and ensure you do not end up high and dry. Willy Weather is a reliable and user friendly source.

Some of the calmest weather conditions can in fact be found during the Wet Season. However, the swell can blow up quickly and can result in the most experience fisho in a world of strife. Willy Weather is a good source for wind predictions, however it is always worthwhile checking the Bureau of Meteorology for the latest weather warnings.

Possession Limits
Although there are no recreational fishing license in the NT, there are strict fishing regulations and possession limits in place. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the Know Your Limits handbook, or download the NT Fishing Mate App onto your mobile phone.

Marine Safety Guide
For all rules and regulations relating to safety on the water in the NT, please see the Northern Territory Government Marine Safety Guide.